Bear with me while I transfer to a new host – I hope it won’t take too long.



  1. 1. Lloyd Rice says:

    Is this site experiencing a bit of schizophrenia?

  2. 2. Peter says:

    It always has shown a marked tendency towards Dissociative Identity Disorder…

  3. 3. Lloyd Rice says:

    Better that than idiocy. Your site could never be blamed for that.

  4. 4. Peter says:

    Ah, you’re so kind.

  5. 5. Jason says:

    Come back soon!

  6. 6. Dave says:

    Ah. And how are we to know if the site now is really the same site, or merely an identical duplicate?

  7. 7. Peter says:

    I’ll come back to you on that one when I’ve got a watertight case for considering myself to be the same person as the entity that wrote the earlier posts…

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