Picture: correspondent. Aspro Potamos has drawn my attention to the emerging series of YouTube videos, somewhat polemical in tone, on the War against Neuroscience.   If you prefer something less forensic, you may like this series of podcasts on music and the brain from the Library of Congress.

Huping Hu, whose research has been mentioned here in the past, has started the Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research: the inaugural issue is available online.

Ayad Gharbawi says:

I have been doing my own studies and research for thirty years now on three concepts: Mind, Vision and Reality. I felt it necessary to create novel notations, just as others, like Boole, did, because of the inadequacies of language as per this subject. I believe that I have come to an entirely new methodology when we seek to understand two fundamental issues when we study Mind, Vision and Reality and that is – both their Structure and the Function.

I have been deeply, fundamentally and existentially affected by Quantum Physics as a human being and in my own pattern of thinking and analyzing problems before me.  I obviously understand full well that my work is unorthodox because I am not just presenting a study in one particular niche in these studies – although, of course, I have studied specific issues – but, I am at this stage in my life, in a position to say that I have come to a general theory that comprises an understanding of Mind, Vision and Reality.

That is why, when I have presented one study/manuscript it is often difficult to make any sense from it, and the reason here is because, those single manuscripts that I have been submitting, do not, in and of themselves alone, explain fully my general theory on Mind, Vision and Reality.  I also know full well, that the history of science, shows far too many times, that when one researcher submits an entirely, unorthodox novel methodology in his thinking, he is quite likely to be rejected by the general established body of scientists and philosophers.

But, I still do try.

A sample is here; he particularly asks for views on two pieces here and here.

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  1. 1. Huping Hu says:

    Hi Peter, Thanks for mentioning JCER to your readers. BTW, you are doing a great job with this Blog! Huping

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