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Disgressed is my personal blog, about all the things which distract or delay me.

Resources home
Dictionary of the Philosophy of Mind
Entries tend towards the concise rather than the encyclopaedic, as the name implies: interlinking between entries means the Dictionary lends itself to a certain amount of fruitful browsing as well as reference.
A Field Guide to the Philosophy of Mind
Italian (English-language) site with links, 'guided tours' and a database.
David Chalmers' Home Page
The leading collection of online consciousness resources, and by far the most comprehensive. Besides relatively technical papers, there are links to humour and other accessible stuff.
Classics in the History of Psychology
A useful complement to pure philosophy sites. Besides classic papers by William James, Freud, and other psychological greats, a number of philosophers are represented along with useful stuff like Menabrea's introduction to Babbage's Analytical Engine

Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

General Philosophy. It's big, it's comprehensive, it's authoritative - what more could you want?
Wikipedia ... is a general resource which has some good consciousness and mind-related content.


Blogs and Forums
Guide to Reality
Steve Esser's blog regularly features really good, thought-provoking pieces on consciousness and related issues.
Brain Hammer
Pete Mandik's extremely cool blog.
The Neurophilosopher's blog
'On the molecular & cellular basis of mind'
Fragments of consciousness
David Chalmers' own blog, started in January 2005. Aimed primarily at those who have some familiarity with current academic philosophy, rather than the general reader, but not too daunting.
Machines Like Us
A resource for those interested in evolutionary thought, cognitive science, artificial life and artificial intelligence.


Journal of Consciousness Studies online  
Strictly, a print journal with a substantial on-line content.
Psyche, the first purely on-line journal in this field.
Philosophy Magazines
Philosophy Now
General philosophy, and a magazine rather than a learned journal, but often features interesting stuff with a bearing on consciousness.
The Philosophers Magazine
Another general magazine, often with original and entertaining features.


Personal views
Bill Adams
Bill's theory of kinds of consciousness.
Peter B.Lloyd
Peter B. Lloyd is a Berkeleyan Idealist (and so is his teddy bear).
John Gregg

Philosophy from someone 'sceptical of philosophy'.

Philip Dorrell
Including the Algorithmically Unbounded Journal of Mathematical Truths .