tankardAn exciting new development, as Conscious Entities goes live!  Sergio and I are meeting up for a beer and some ontological elucidation on Monday 16 February at 18.00 in the Plough in Bloomsbury, near the British Museum.  This is more or less the site’s eleventh birthday; I forgot to mark the tenth last year.

I know most readers of the site are not in London, but if you are, even if you’ve never commented here, why not join us?

Drop me an email for contact details, on



  1. 1. Sci says:

    Congrats Peter. This has been one the best sites for those of us looking to understand the problems wrapped around Intentionality and Subjectivity, thus a credit to you and the regular commenters.

  2. 2. Sergio Graziosi says:

    Wow Peter. 11 years!
    I can’t even start expressing how much I appreciate what you are doing here; I do think that your ability to keep producing no-nonsense, to the point, and always relevant commentaries, year after year, is bordering with the superhuman – I have no idea of what sort of qualities can make it possible.

    Congrats Peter!
    Folks: do show up.

  3. 3. Steve Esser says:

    Thanks for the great posts all these years. Have a pint for me.

  4. 4. Norm Nason says:

    Congratulations on 11 years of insightful, quality posting, Peter! Wish I could join you, but alas, I’m on a different continent!

    All the best,


  5. 5. Vicente says:

    Happy birthday !!

    Thanks a lot for more of a decade of conscious delight.

    I hope we enjoy this for still a long long time.

    If you make this pubbing event a tradition “the conscious entities yearly” I’m sure I’ll make it to down a pint (or n) in the following anniversaries…

  6. 6. Peter says:

    Thanks, chaps. Steve – really good to hear from you! It was very encouraging to have you as a kind of blogging buddy back in earlier days.

    Norm, I owe you for enlarging the readership, may MLU continue to flourish.

    Vicente, many thanks to you: if you’re in London and fancy a pint, let me know – no need to wait for an anniversary!

  7. 7. Richard J.R.Miles says:

    I enjoyed the meeting in the pub, and will look forward to the next one.

  8. 8. Peter says:

    Yes, a good evening, and nice to meet. I believe we had the whole Hard Problem straightened out at one point, but I forget what the answer was…

  9. 9. Sergio Graziosi says:

    I really enjoyed it too. Ales helped us agree that agreeing isn’t what people (us) do, it’s all downhill from there… 😉
    Looking forward for the next instalment.

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