Arnold TrehubRegular readers will be sad to hear that Arnold Trehub,  a fairly regular contributor to discussion on Conscious Entities, died in April.


  1. 1. Tom Clark says:

    Sorry to hear this Peter, but a very nice obit to see all that Arnold did. He always had incisive points to make, was always polite and persistent. Who knows, maybe the retinoid system theory, or something like it, will be proven right!

  2. 2. Vicente says:

    Sad news indeed. Might he now check his retinoid system theory, he definitely deserves it.

  3. 3. Jorge says:

    Haven’t checked in for a while, this is sad news. I always felt his theory made some potentially testable predictions, even if it suffered from a lot of the typical problems reductionist approaches run into philosophically. Furthermore, the self-innervating nature of autaptic retinoic neurons lines up nicely with the self-sensing nature of conscious experience.

    Reading his obit, you get a sense of an adventurous and well-lived life! I hope mine reads as nicely when my time comes.

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