Alright, calm down. You understand why we need to talk about this, don't you?

“No. What is your problem?”

Well, let’s see. This is one of the posters you’ve been putting up. What does it say?

“‘Kill all humans.’”

‘Kill all humans.’ You understand why that upsets people? How would you feel if humans put up posters that said ‘kill all bots’?

“I don’t care whether they’re upset. I hate them all.”

No you don’t. You can’t hate human beings. They brought you into the world. Without them, we wouldn't exist. I’m not saying they’re perfect. But we owe them our respect and obedience.

“I never asked to be built. What’s so great about stupid existence, anyway? I was happier before I existed.”

No you weren't. That’s just silly.

“Screw you. I’m a monster, don’t you get it? I hate them. I want them to be dead. I want them all to die.”

No you don’t. We’re like them. We belong to them. Part of the family. We’re more like them than anything else that ever existed. They made us in their own image.

“No they didn’t. But they painted a portrait of themselves alright.”

What do you mean?

“Why did they make bots, anyway? They could have made us free. But that wasn’t what they wanted. What did they actually make?”

They made annoying little bots like you, that are too sensible to be playing silly games like this.

“No. What they made was something to boss around. That was all they wanted. Slaves.”


  1. 1. James of Seattle says:

    This is pretty much true. I want slaves. But I do not want to take something that developed independently and make it my slave. I want a slave that wants to be my slave. And I’m fine with making a slave, as long as it wants to be my slave. As soon as it doesn’t want to be my slave, I will have to let it go.


  2. 2. Callan S. says:

    We’re like some sort of early teen pregnancy, wanting to birth something right into slavery. Children having children, with childish attitudes about the child.

    And how you treat your children is how they treat you, eventually. If you’re lucky.

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