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Louie Savva kindly invited me to do a couple of podcasts recently which are now accessible on his site. These are part of the ‘Existential Files’ series he and Matthew Smith have been doing on his blog of despair (actually quite cheerful, considering) Everything is Pointless. I understand Susan Blackmore is pencilled in to do one soon, which should be interesting.

This was a new departure for me, but I must say I had great fun maundering away.  A vast range of subjects got covered at high speed, from consciousness and brain preservation to the limits of reason and why the universe exists.

One interesting thing (for me) was that I don’t think I quite sound like a Londoner even after all these years. I don’t sound like John Major’s geeky nephew, as I had feared: but it turns out I’m in no danger of being mistaken for James Mason either.

Anyway if you’ve been looking for the chance to listen to a confused old git wibbling about cognition, this might be your lucky day…